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A: Computable Structures

(Organized by Denis Hirschfeldt and Russell Miller)

Session A1: Tuesday, March 21 in EDUC 109

10:30 – 11:10 Matthew Harrison-Trainor (University of California, Berkeley), Some new results on characterizing structures using infinitary formulas
11:20 – 12:00 Jennifer Chubb (University of San Francisco), Complexity of orderability of groups

Session A2: Wednesday, March 22 in EDUC 109

4:40 – 5:20 Alexander Melnikov (Massey University), On a problem of Mal’cev
5:30 – 6:10 Reed Solomon (University of Connecticut, Storrs), Reverse mathematics,
effectiveness and the dual Ramsey theorem

Session A3: Thursday, March 23 in EDUC 109

10:30 – 11:10 Antonio Montalban (University of California, Berkeley), Computability theory on a cone
11:20 – 12:00 Noah Schweber (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Uniformly computing ordinals